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Overview of Child D's Story

Child D's story may be one among many in Round Rock Texas, as professionals cited here are still practicing.

It is now July 2012. With the exception of some short stuttering attempts where he was shut down by his mother H Lynch, the father has not heard from D, his now 14 year old son, for three years.

H is in control of the situation, as usual, through a spate of accusations. She was fairly open about her abuses in the beginning, 2001 H's testimony (an important document as it is her own words and officially transcribed), but she has become increasingly sophisticated after being trained by lawyers Sara Brandon and Margo Fox and their cronies.

H is having child D's love for his father treated as a mental illness. In the latest example she had him held in a mental ward to cure him of asking for dad while saying he was brainwashed. At the same time she told the father she knows child D loves him for real, but she wants money. She was recorded, see held in mental ward . Child D suffered, and he continues to suffer.

The father had a great relationship with his son, see a rich father son relationship.

The very people who should have helped child D instead used him to make money, see Child D Abused by Texas Family System. Judge Jon Wisser wrote an order to allow H to use any psychological means on child D, including hypnosis, see Judge Jon Wisser Participation.

The divorce occurred in 2001 when a court awarded the father sole custody of child D, because the father was already raising child D, Child D and his Father, and because of H_'s abuse of child D as described in her own words.

H was humiliated over her testimony, and by papers coming out showing an alleged citizenship and money laundering fraud. Austin and Round Rock professionals offered her an opportunity to get even for this, while charging a lot of money, by denying child D access to his father , taking dad's job , and through additional dirty legal tricks .

There is evidence that without the initiative taken by these professionals H_ would have stopped, see Texas Lawyers Took Independent Actions. Also, had there been any sort of oversight in Texas this situation would have been stopped.

Apparently the revenue from exploiting children is a sacred cow in Round Rock, Texas. The police rejected complaints. Of the 9 complaints the father sent to the Texas Bar, the Bar refused to even acknowledge the receipt of any where Sara Brandon and the independent actions were mentioned. The Texas Judicial Commission refused to investigate after a formal complaint, and the Lt. Governor and Rick Perry (who oversee CPS) turned a blind eye. It is because of this that the father turned to publishing this material.

There is emerging evidence that some Austin and Round Rock Texas lawyers are attempting to cover up what they did as reported on this site, and in the book "ITIO a Child" by slandering the father, see the evidence for a professionally made 'slander packet' at Targeting Dad Personally and Professionally.

The Round Rock Texas family professionals have not acted In The Interest a child, ITIO a Child, as required by Texas law, but rather acted in their own interest.

Child D wishes to live with his father
In 2006 2nd grade made New Year's wish stars and put them on wall. child D's wish: "I wish I live with my Dad"
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